Movie Quotes from Casper: Quotes from the movie Casper

(ghostly trio) Oh, we’re melting, we’re melting, oh what a world, what a world!

…..and there’s a little dog named Carrigan, a bitch just like you!!!

…and a little dog, named Kerrigan. A bitch! Just like you!

1) Days is conceivable. Weeks, maybe… 2) possibly 1) months…no years…Forget it!!!!

1) Hey, come on. What’s this Vic guy got that I don’t? 2) A pulse? 1) Big fleshy deal! 2) A tan? 1) Very bad for your skin. 2) How about a reflection?

1) I don’t wanna look cute. Cute’s like when you’re nine years old and you’ve got paper mache around your head.

1) It might take months, even years. 2) Did you just say years? 1) Yes. 2) Days are conceivable, weeks-maybe. 3) Possibly. 2) Months-no. Years-forget it! Dibs, get the bouquet!

1)And for what you’ve done, I’m giving you your dream in return. But, it’s just for tonight. Sort of a Cinderella deal. 2)So I have until midnight? 1)Ten. 2)Hey Cinderella got until midnight. 1)Cinderella wasn’t twelve years old.

1)can I come in? 2)No. It’s so much nicer out here in the flesh-um, fresh air.

1)Dad, don’t you remember this? 2)Oh, yeah, I remember. Pppphhhh!

1)Dad, it’s me, Kat! 2)Kat? Kat? Kat Balloo!

1)Hey dad, I found your Visa Card. 2)Where was it? 1)Um, in your wallet.

1)I can see right through you. 2)Yeah it kind of happens when you don’t have any skin.

1)I feel like Oprah on hiatus. 2)You look like Oprah on hiatus.

1)Just a couple of things though. Don’t pick up the extention every time she gets a phone call. French fries are not a breakfast food, and don’t ask her to wear a T-shirt under- 2)Under her bathing suit. I know. Our daughter is (together) a teenager.

1)Not bad for my first party, huh? 2)Couldn’t have been better. 3)It ain’t over yet. Boys!!

1)Oh man, who let one? 2)who do you think? 1)Oh, who’s got their pointy head in my- 2)That’s not my head.

1)What are you made of? 2)Well, you know that tingly feeling you get when your foot falls asleep? I think I’m made of that.

1)what was that? 2)The up and at ’em machine. My dad was a great inventor. But he had a little trouble getting going in the morning. 1)Didn’t he ever hear of caffiene?

1)what’s this Vic guy got that I don’t, huh? 2)A pulse? 1)Big, fleshy deal. 2)A tan. 1)Very bad for your skin. 2)How about a reflection?

1)You’re so cold. 2)Yeah, but it saves on the heating bill.

1)You’re so cold. 2)Yeah, it kind of happens when you don’t have any skin.

1. Honey, I think is’s time we sat sown and had a little talk. 2. It’s a little late for that dad. 1. How late? 2. Oh, don’t worry, not that late.

Buccaneers and buried gold. Whipstaff doth the treasure hold!

can i keep you

Can I keep you?

Carigan: Don’t you understand, FLIPPER got more than me.

Casper the friendly ghost.

Casper: If I say I love you can I keep you forever?

Casper:I begged and begged my dad to get me this sled…but he acted like I couldnt even have it, because I did’t know how to ride it, but then one morning I came down for breakfast and there it was just for me! For no reason at all. I took it out…went sledding all day…my dad said ‘that’s enough’ but I couldn’t stop I was having so much fun. It got late, got dark, got cold, and I got sick, my dad got sad
Kat:What’s it like to die? Casper:Like…being born, only backwards, I remember, I didn’t go where I was supposed to go, I just stayed behind, so my dad wouldn’t be lonely

DIBS: Ah.. Carigan. How nice of you to drop in. You know, if there’s one thing I’ve learned grom you it’s… always kick ’em when they’re down. And baby, you’re six feet under. Oh what a shame… You can haunt me all you want, but it’s going to be in a great, big, expensive house with lovely purple wallpaper and great, big green carpets. And a little dog, called Carigan, a BITCH, just…like…you.

Get a grave!

Ghostbuster: who you gonna call?…….Someone else.

Ghostly Trio: All for one, and one for all…
Stretch: Catch your pants before they fall!!

Guess again, bone-bag!!

Guys, I think the Doc’s haveing one of them fleshy breakdowns.

Hey, we’ve got a closet case here!

Hey,Bobek, what the hell are ya doing? this floor used to be dirty enough to eat off of. 2) but we have company 1) oh yeah? well company loves me.



How about a paper? New York Times, the Journal? Hong Kong Press?

How dare you serve these air-suckin’ intruders before us?

I begged and begged my dad to get me this sled. He acted like i couldn’t even have, it, because I didn’t know how to ride it. Then one morning, I came in for breakfast and there it was, just for me! I took it out, went sledding all day. My dad called me in, but i couldn’t; i was having to much fun! It got late, it got dark, i got cold, and i got sick. I remember my dad was sad. 2) What’s it like to die? 1) Like being born, only backwards. I remember i didn’t go where i was supposed to go. I just stayed behind, so my dad wouldn’t be lonely.

I begged and begged my dad to give me this sled…but he acted like I couldn’t even have it because I didn’t know how to ride it…but then one morning I came down for breakfast and there it was jsut for me, for no reason at all…I took it out, went sledding all day, my dad said That’s enough but I couldn’t stop i was having so much fun…then it got late, got dark, got cold and I got sick, and my dad got sad

I can walk you know..!

I love the smell of fleshys in the morning!

i told you i was a good dancer. can i keep you?

I told you I was a good dancer. Can I keep you?

if i tell you *i-l-o-v-e-y-o-u*, can i keep you FoReVeR?

If I tell you I love you, can I keep you forever?

if i told you i loved you, could i keep you forever?

If there is one thing that I’ve learned from you, it is always kick em when there down. And baby, your six feet under! Oh, what a shame.

In the flesh! Well, in a couple of minutes. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

It ain’t ofter we get to meet a bone-bag as amusing as you.

It’s my party and I’ll die if I want to, die if I want to…hehehehehe!!!

Stretch: TOO LATE (laughter)

Kat: Drop Dead!!!!!
Ghostly Trio: Too Late!!!!!

Kat: You guys are very disgusting, obnoxious creeps!
Ghostly Trio: Thank you!

Kats mum: that was a very nobel thing you did casper, and I know that Kat will never forget it! She needs her father, and I know that yours is very proud of you, youve forfilled his only wish!So in return I’m gonna give you your wish, BUT, just for 2night!Sort of a cinderella deal! Casper: So I get until midnight? Kats mum: 10! Casper:Hey, cinderella got until midnight! Kats mum:Cinderella wasnt 12 yrs old!

Let’s just say you know three crazy ghosts who kept their word.

Not so fast little man! The bitch is back!

Oh man, how am I gonna do this? I couldn’t even get my Easy-Bake Oven to work. …. come in … this is the room….stay’ll be safe..and..I’ll be right back !

Piss off!

Scream or sugar? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


Stretch…Fatso…Stinky? Man they had cruel parents. Wonder where Doc and Dopey sleep.

That’s life.

There’s a girl…on my bed. Yes!!

There’s a girl..on my bed..YES!!

We’ve been the ghostly trio enough. Time to make it a quartet!

what a bullshit fucking site

What a tragic waste! She had my favorite sunglasses.

Who ya gonna call? Someone eles.

You know if there’s one thing I’ve learned from you, it’s always kick ’em when they’re down! And baby, you’re six feet under!

[sobs] 1. What a sweetheart! 2. I can’t croak him now! 3. Me neither! No way!

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