Movie Quotes from Cars: Quotes from the movie Cars

#1: The Piston Cup. #2: You did what in your cup?

(Watching a blinking traffic light) 1) You know what? I think every third light is slower. 2) the sixsties weren’t good to you where they?

1) I’m telling you man, every third blink is slower. 2) The sixties weren’t good to you where they?

Bob Cutlass along with Darrell Cartrip

Bob Cutlass: The Legend, The Runner up, and The Rookie 3 cars one champion.

Chick Hicks: Hey McQueen eat your heart out.

Dale Jr. 8 car: I just hope Lightning’s OK I just hate to see anything bad happen to you.

Dale Jr.’s 8 car: Hey King good luck on your last race you’ve been an inspiration to me.The King: Thanks Junior

Darrell Cartrip: Bob My oil pressure is through the roof right now if this gets any more exciting they’re gonna have to tow me out of the booth.

Float like a Cadillac, sting like a Beemer!

Float like a Cadillac, sting like a Beemer.

Fly away Stanley, be free.

Hudson Hornet: This here is Bessie. The finest road-pavin machine ever built. I’m Hereby sentencing you to community service. You’re gonna fix the road under my supervision.

I am not the only one seeing this?

I create feelings within’ others, that they themselves don’t understand.

I Wish you Lugnuts wanna see the movie

I’m happier than a tornader in a trailer park!

Im happy then a tornado in a mobile home park

Jay Limo: I don’t know what’s harder to find Lightning McQueen or A Crew Chief who work with him?


Lightning McQueen: Hey team where are ya going?McQueen’s Pit Crew: We quit Mr. One Man Show.

Lightning McQueen: You’re not Mack.Peterbilt: Mack? I ain’t no Mack I’m a Peterbilt for dang sakes turn on your lights you moron.

lightning: did you kno that doc won 3 piston cups?
mater: he did what in his cup?

Mack: What did I forget to wipe my mudflaps?

Mater: McQueen and Sally parked beneath the tree, K-I-S-something, something, something, K!

Mater: Oh man you get to work with Bessie I’d give my Left two Lugnuts for Something like that.

McQueen’s driver arrived in California but McQueen is Missing.

No tires, just gas!

Pit Stop!

Pit stop. (pronounced peet stupp)

punch me in the face, punch me in the face

Sally: Sorry I’m late your honor.Lightning McQueen: Holy Porsche

she just likes me for my body.

Sheriff: Huh not in my town you don’t.

Sherriff: Huh not in my town you don’t.

The King: Hey Buddy you’re a one gutsy racer kid.Lightning McQueen: Oh hey Mr. The King.The King: You got more talent than one lugnut than a lot of cars is gotten our whole body.

The King: You got more talent than one lugnut

Well cover me in axle grease and call me slick

Well, cover me with axel grease and call me slick

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