Movie Quotes from Camp Nowhere: Quotes from the movie Camp Nowhere

1) Check or plastic? 2) Cash.

1): Back in the 60’s, some hippies came here and turned the place into a commune. You know, sex, and drugs, and debauchery. 2): Knew I’d been here before. 3): Eww! You did that stuff here? 4): No…not *here*.

1)In the 60s they used this place for sex and drugs 2)Dennis did you do that stuff here? 3)not here (moves) here.

1)Talk loud enough for people to hear you! 2) Ok, well, ARE YOU GUNNA HELP ME?!

1)you’re a little short 2)well, you’re a little fat

1]Here this should cover what Dennis ows you.2]Well you’re a litte short.1]Well you’re a little fat.

andrew keegan:You know if you were wearing a skirt right now i’d be in heaven?..

At least at home theyve got cable

But Grandma lives in Milwaukee.

Come on…we’re not complete morons.

DENNIS: You know, Mudd, you really do have…
MUDD & DENNIS:…Potential.

Dennis: Now all they’ve [your parents] got to worry about is coming up with $2000 for college.
Mudd:…Did you say $2000?

God, I hate these horse shows.

Guy:I bought this here trailer from a guy with the name Van Welker … Cop: Did this Van Welker have a car? Guy: WEll he must have to pull a trailer!

Hey Midget, find my waldo. What waldo?

Hey Phlur have you seen a caribean yellow gremlin???

hey you know if you were in a dress right now I’d be in heaven!

I’m Hendricks, Trooper Elliot Hendricks

I’m not sharing a sink with Betty Stoller. She has food stuck in her braces from last Christmas!

If you were wearing a skirt right now, I’d be in heaven.

Just because you’re smart doesn’t mean you can’t act stupid.

Last year, he tried to do ‘Silence of the Lambs’ as a musical.

Maybe we could out when you get b-…chests?

money mud, money mud, money mud

Mud: Are you Dennis VanWalker? Dennis: Just inspectin the hinges here, low carbon content

Mud: Look if it was your idea then where’s the money? Dennis: AH, yes, it’s hidden. Mud: In my sock

So if it tastes like poison, it must be diet food

Steve: This bites.
All: Yeah.
Blond Girl:We should just go home.
all: Yeah.
Steve: Well at home at least they have cable.
All: Yeah, cable.
Arnold: Baywatch!
Boys: Baywatch!
Walter: Baywatch!!!
Gaby: Guys, so you know how much trouble we would be in if we went home?
Betty: We, it wasn’t my dumb idea.
Boy: Yeah, we could just blame it all on you guys.

Thats total suicide

this bites, yeahhh, we should just go home, yeahhhh, at least at home they have cable


Tomorrow we’ll make me a necklace!

We’re not going to do anything stupid, I mean, we’re not complete morons!

Who would think something like this would happen from harmless flares and Roman candles?

yeah, and im stupid too!……..well, you know what i mean.

You know in the 60’s when we said we wanted to change society, we should have been more specific.

You know Walter, you really do have the guts,….. just not another bathing suit

You’re a little short.

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