Movie Quotes from Caddyshack II: Quotes from the movie Caddyshack II

(1)He’s a funsanuun… (2) What’s a funsanuun? (1) A funsanuun is a guy who farts in the bathtub, then smells the bubbles…

–Hey, what the hell are you people doing around here? This is private property!
–Royette, please, please. Let me handle this. This requires a little diplomacy and tact. Lady, please, get lost!

–Mom and dad. Well, they’re gone now.
–They passed away?
–No, Palm Beach. Wait a minute…I’m sorry, I think they are dead.

–There’s nothing to it. Just hold on tight, grip with your knees, let the animal do all the work.
–Sounds like my wedding night.

–You know who you remind me of?
–My father.
–Guess that’s better than your mother.

–You think it’s safe to hit a ball in a place like this?
–Of course, it’s a ballroom.

>If I pull the arrow out, will you suck the poison out of my ass? >>Let me get this straight, you pull it out, and I suck?

C’mmmmmmmmmon little gopher! Everybody likes mass produced cream filled pastries!

Do you want to hear my Security System? ok well i dont take you to court or anything First i find out were you live then i beat your door down with a Fucking Baseball Bat start a bon fire in your living room with a chipendale roast that damn dog the im gunna come up stairs grab you buy your damn pj’s and cramn that new BMW up your tight ASS! do we have an understanding?

Good afternoon Mrs. Esterhouse

Have a little faith in your lawyer.

I finally got it down to the absolute basic essentials: club, ball,
swing. The rest of it is just walking around the park wearing funny

I like to talk to myself. You know why? I like to deal with a better class of people.

I won’t be a caddy all my life. I’m going to carwash school in the fall.

I’m only doing this because I love you. That’s the only reason. If it was up to me, I’d rather have a hernia operation.

If i wanted to be a piece of sports equipment i’d be a ladies bicycle seat.

miffy your a stupid superficial snotty little bitch…..really kate? really

My father was Armenian. My other was half Jewish, half English, half Spanish.

Take chances. I’m insured.

Ty–Chandler–I’m looking for—Polygrip?—No—condom machine?—No—-that blue stuff you put your combs in?—NO!!!

Well, at home we happen to be upper/lower. But, when I’m away at school I like to pretend that I’m lower/middle. But, what I aspire to become is middle/middle.

You can improve your lie in the rough only if you can roughly prove you are not lying

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