Movie Quotes from Cabin Boy: Quotes from the movie Cabin Boy

Did you try slapping her on the ass? That usually drives ’em wild.

get your dirty hands off the filthy whore

I’ve yanked the silver spoon from my mouth and buried six thousand miles beneath the earth’s crust… I mean figuratively speaking, of course, who could possibly do such a thing, that would be insane!

If you continue to hinder my arrival, I will just have my daddy put you all on trial and have you hanged!

It’s sharkey!

Man oh man, I hate them fancy lads!

Oh, I’m sorry, I was just pondering what drifter’s corpse you stole those shoes from.

Oh, I’m sorry, I was just thinking how fun it is to roast pumpkin seeds!

oooh, its a pretty color.. but it don’t taste pretty.. uh uh!

Somebody’s daddy is missing a leg!

there by the grace of god floats away my manhood


wanna buy a monkey?

When I return, I shall be… a cabin MAN!

Whoa did you see that guys dong?… thats a dong if i’ve ever seen a dong and belive me i’ve seen many dongs. take it from me when it comes to dong I am the DONG MASTER!!

Wow this bread is pretty (takes a bite) it don’t taste pretty

yo just let me hit up this dike bag G hoomie funk flash

You’re like the drunken abusive grandfather I never had.

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