Movie Quotes from Bully: Quotes from the movie Bully

1)Ally are you talking about a MURDER murder? 2)yeah…this guy kinda got killed 1)why would you JUST call a hotline? 2)I was just asking….god….

1)you stabbed him first 2)fuck you – the knife went in like *that* fucking much 3)yeah well what about the other 10 times?

1.) Is he dead yet?
2.) Gettin’ there.

Come over here, I’m startin’ to dig you a little bit.

Fatalize, what’s that?… fatalize… What’s fatilize mean… um, I mean… does it mean you’re dead?
No Dude, Its worse… I mean… It’s way worse bro… Cause you have to live man… you have to live and you’re a… fuckin’ baby.


HEATHER: Got any tweak?
DONNY: How was rehab?

I helped move the body because that mafia motherfucker was gonna beat the shit outta me!!

i love marty mom i love him more than anything

im hanging out with this guy donny whos totally hot

It’s Donnie. Definitely Donnie.

Kaufman: That guy’s an asshole to be driving her car like that. Lisa: Tell me about it. We’re gonna kill that fucker.

Kaufman: What the fuck are you doing? Dvirko: I don’t wanna get blood on my shirt. Kaufman: Well, we’re not gonna fucking hug him, asshole!

LISA: I wouldn’t even say we killed him I mean, he was fighting back…

Nature sucks.

she’s fucking pregnant man!

That guy’s fucking retarded or some shit, isn’t he?

Turn those goddamn lights off, Ali!

Welcome to the party bitch!

What about your girlfriend at home, man? You know, that fat bitch with your baby?

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