Movie Quotes from Brother Bear: Quotes from the movie Brother Bear

#1- Do either of you know where the lights touch the earth? #2- Yeeeeaaaa..a NO.

#1- I spy something green. #2- Tree.

#1- You wouldn’t like us eh. We’re really gamey. #2- Ya… eat hoof for brains over there. #1- Oh nice, eh. Pinecone breath. #2- Crusty tail. #1- Twig legs. #2- Big nose. #1-(gasp) #2- …sorry. #1- You went too far that time.

#1- You’re not my brother any more, smallish bear is my new brother.
#2- I don’t want anymore brothers. #3- See? He’s tired of you already.

#1-(cough cough) Crazy! (cough) #2-Gesundheit.

#1-Hey. My name’s Rutt this is my brother Tuke. #2-How’s it going Bear? #3-Don’t call me that. #2-Sorry, …mmmMr. Bear?

#1-It’s go time baby! #2-Oh you want to go? #1-Yeah! #2-Well bring it on! #1-Ho ho, yeah! #2-Oh that clears up the sinuses.

#1-No. I mean I’m not a bear, I hate bears. #2-Well gee, eh you’re one big beaver. #3-No kidding eh.

1) (Whispering to others) Who wants to trade? 2) (Whacks 1 upside the head) There is NO trading!

1) Are we there yet? 2) Don’t MAKE me turn this formation around!

1) If only Edgar was alive! 2) (From a distance) I told you woman I’m right here!!

1) This year, I lost my dear husband, Edgar. 2) (From a distance) Stop tellin’ everyone I’m dead!

1)Where is he?
2)He was killed by a….monster

Can we at least get a back seat? It looks like you hunted me.

Get a cave!!

I don’t mean to brag or nothin’, but when I get in a fight, I’m a raging ball of brown fur! Wanna see my moves?

I don’t speak ‘bear’.

I’m more of a purebred wolverine. Look at these cuspids. (growl)

if its brown drink it down if it’s green its just not clean

Koda Im so sorry

Oh, my, my, my my… Sitka must have something really big planned for you, yup, yup, yup. You’re gonna get a whole new perspective on things! Oh, do you see in black and white, or color?

Rutt: I spy something…tall. Tuke: Tree. Rutt: Aw! Uh…ok…I spy something…green. Tuke: Tree. Rutt: Aw! Uh…ok…I spy something… Tuke: Let me guess…tree. Rutt: Aw!!

Tuke: I can’t believe you totaled a mammoth.
Rutt: Well, I mean, c’mon that other mammoth just came right out there, eh.

what about when you got your hooves stuck in the pond when it froze over? who stayed with you allll winter?

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