Movie Quotes from Brokedown Palace: Quotes from the movie Brokedown Palace

1)Go on, Alice. Say it for old times sake. 2)I DIDN’T DO IT!

ALICE: I know a lot of people won’t understand why I said I did it. But for me it was the right thing to do, maybe more right than anything I have ever done beofore. And I know Darlene and Hank will never stop trying, until I’m out of here, until I’m free.

Can I make a wish?

Cause thats all freedom is … an illusion. Like those birds in the market you think you are setting free, when the whole time they’re trained to fly right back to their cages.

Even if we did find a way to pay him, he can’t do dick in this shithole country.

hank the wank!

If I say I did it, you’d hate me. If I say I was lying, you couldn’t go home and be happy. Let’s just say I did the right thing.

So here we are, just two more drug smugglers…….

We heard they wouldn’t let you have hardly anything in here, so we got you both a bra, their padded, a little push-up in the padding.

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