Movie Quotes from Bring it on Again: Quotes from the movie Bring it on Again

…And we have to ACT like the bomb digity!

cherleaders are dancer who’ve gone retarted

don’t be all up in my kool-aid

Hey hoe! You know! I’ll put you on the floor! Dust off, your spankies! Get up and get some more!


I’m kidding you spaz! That was the most boring unoriginal biggest piece of crap I’ve ever seen!

Make like a ToM and CrUiSe

monica 4…whittier 0- thanks

ok ok ok – what do you want?

Push! PUSH!!! This weight is a car pressed on top of your mother! Lift it off your mom! LIFT IT OFF HER!
lIFT IT OFF HER….. to late shes dead!

wait wittier i could get hypothermia with out you here!!

whatever it takes

Whittier: To be the bomb Diggity, you have to act like the bomb diggity and tina is the bomb diggity
Monica: Did she just say bomb diggity 3 times in 1 sentence?

You guys look great! I’m Joking. You look like crap.

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