Movie Quotes from Breaker Morant: Quotes from the movie Breaker Morant

1/ Was your court at the trial of Visser constituted in any way like this, what rule did you shot him under???

2/ Like this?? … oh no sir, it was quite like this… no no sir, it wasn’t quite so handsome…and as for rules… we didn’t carry military manuals around with us… we were out on the veldt fighting the Boer the way he fought us…. I’ll tell you what rule we applied sir, we applied Rule Three-OH-Three …. we caught them and we shot them under Rule Three-OH-Three!!!!

1/_How did Lt. Handcock look?
2/_Like he was thinking, sir, like… I can’t think of the…
1/_Did he look like he was agitated?
2/_Agitated? Yes, that’s it, sir… Yes, sir, he looked agitated.
1/_Objection. Major Bolton is leading the witness.
2/_I’ll rephrase the question, sir. Tell me Corporal Sharp, how did Lt. Handcock look?
1/_Agitated, sir!

I’ll tell you what rules we observed, sir….. we observed *Rule 3 oh 3* sir… we took them out and we shot them observing *Rule 3 oh 3* sir!!!!

If you encounter any Boers, you really must not loot ’em and if you wish to leave these shores, for pity’s sake don’t shoot ’em

It’s a new kind of war. A new war for a new century.

Live each day as though its your last…and one day you’ll be right.

No prisoners. The gentlemen’s war is over.

Objection. Major Bolton is leading the witness.

Shoot straight, ya bastards…. don’t muck it up!!!!!

Worst thing about dying – no more girls.

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