Movie Quotes from Brassed Off: Quotes from the movie Brassed Off

The truth is, I thought it mattered–I thought that music mattered. But does it? Bollocks! Not compared to how people matter.

1) Would you like to come up for some coffee 2) I don’t drink coffee 1) I haven’t got any

1) You can come at the regular visiting hours tomorrow, hopefully without trumpets 2) Its a euphonium

1)(woman)Is this the meeting for the band? 2)(man with tuba) Band’s on Tuesday, love, this is oragami class.

We can talk about the price of fish, plight of the third world, pro’s and con’s of sweeper system, and why your birds got management logo on her keyring

What’s He doing? He can take John Lennon. He can take those three young lads down at Ainsley Pit. He’s even thinking of taking my old man. And Margaret bloody Thatcher lives! What’s He sodding playing at, eh?

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