Movie Quotes from Boys: Quotes from the movie Boys

1.You’d better get over here!

2. What is it?

1. It’s Patty Vare!

2. What happened to her?

1. She was running from the cops on her horse, it looks like all of a sudden, she fell off and got knocked unconscious.

2. What are we gonna’ do with her?

1. Can we risk moving her?

2. Are you kidding?!

1. She’ll die out here anyway if we leave her her!
Besides, she needs medical attention.

2. Alright, let’s help her up and get her inside.

Phillips-Baker take me to the hospital!
Baker-i cant
Baker-i cant i have to stay here
Baker-i just told you i have to stay here
Phillips-your staying here with your new girlfriend while im being halled to the fucken hospital?
Baker- you know what ill punch your face in phillips!
Phillips-You know what?
Phillips-THANK YOU!

Sonny, goddamnit.

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