Movie Quotes from Boys in the Band, The: Quotes from the movie Boys in the Band, The

#1) What is he, a psychiatrist or a hairdresser? /#2: Actually, he’s both. He shrinks my head and then combs me out.

(closing the window as a downpour begins) Denise Deluge…

(holding up the lasagna he has brought to the party) Connie Casserole!

1: What’s more boring than a queen doing a Judy Garland imitation? 2: A queen doing a Bette Davis imitation.

Angthing goes.

Harold: WHo is she? Who was she? Who does she hope to be?

Life! Life’s a laugh riot!

Love is like a heat wave.

Michael: (checking himself out in the mirror) There’s one thing to be said about masturbation: you certainly don’t have to look your best.

Michael: Donald, you are a real card carrying cunt.

Take the goddamn Valium, Michael!

What I am, Matthew, is a 32 year-old pock-marked Jew fairy. And if it takes me a while to get ready to go out, or if I have to smoke a little gress before I get the nerve to show my face that’s my business and no one else’s.

What is he? A psychiatrist or a hairdresser?

You will always be gay, Michael. Always. ‘Til the day you die.

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