Movie Quotes from Bowfinger: Quotes from the movie Bowfinger

-Will you be willing to cut your hair?
-Well, yeah. But it would probably be better if someone else did it.
I’ve had a few accidents.

-Yes! We’ll be just like Bogey and Bacall!

1) do I have ‘it’? 2) what? 1) do i have ‘it’? 2) …yes. yes you do.
3) I thought I did

1) My wife tried to take it in the divorce. Can you believe that? That woulda really hurt. 2) Who got the kids? 1) She did.

1) Teddy Kennedy? 2) He’s not like the other Kennedy’s! Look at him! He’s different!

1) What did the alien want from you? 2) She wanted to inhale my gonads!

1)Do you have any movie experience? 2)Yes quite a lot of experience actually, I am an active renter at Blockbusters and I go to the movies regularly, weekly, bi-weekly, inter-ter-med intermediately.

1)Hey Laker Girls!!! 2) Ha Ha HA HA hA! 3) ITS NOT FUNNY!!!

A go picture! A go picture!!

As I stand here before you today, the Laker Girls cheerleading squad needs to be taken down a peg or two.


Bowfinger: Would you be willing to show your naked rear-end in a movie? Jif: Yeah…I guess so (giggling).

Got ya, suckers!!!

Happy promise number two, while I sometimes feel like I’ll self combust, I probably wont.

I know what’s going on. I may be from Ohio, but I’m not from Ohio.

I want you to find Van Dam and Jackie Chan and tell ’em Spear Chucker
said hello!

It’s a new style…Cinema Nou Vous.

Just because I’m from Ohio doesn’t mean I’m FROM Ohio.

Keep It Together

Oh, gosh, I’m really hoping to get a career running errards. That’d
be a major boost for me.

Robert De Niro couldn’t look like Kip Ramsey.

She has the personality of a zip code in Kansas.

The white man gets all the best catch phrases.

Them people can’t speak English good.

This film is only for Madagascar and Iran, neither of which follow
American copyright law.

This is a great script! Look, it’s not Shakespeare, but it…

This of this as an errand. Your errand is to run across the freeway
until I yell ‘cut’.

Tom Cruise didn’t even know he was in that vampire movie until two years later.

We’re tryin’ to make a movie here, not a film!

Well, we can either end the movie with Kit saying *Gotcha Suckers* or we can end the movie with Kit showing it to the Laker girls, and I think that the former option would be more favorable due to Kit’s desire to make a family movie in the near future.

White boys always get the Oscar. It’s a known fact. Did I ever get a nomination? No! You know why? Cause I hadn’t played any of them slave roles, and get my ass whipped. That’s how you get the nomination. A black dude who plays a slave that gets his ass whipped gets the nomination, a white guy who plays an idiot gets the Oscar. That’s what I need, I need to play a retarded slave, then I’ll get the Oscar.

Yeah, go find that script. ‘Buck the Wonderslave’!

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