Movie Quotes from Bound by Honor: Quotes from the movie Bound by Honor

And now for my brown brothas, sorry no tortilla.

But it was yo comb man! It was yo comb!

chata, some coffee! She fucked up. we had a party lastnight, ese.

Cocaine is America’s cup of coffee.

Cuzito: This ain’t no pinche card game ese. Gallo Negro: Hey, life’s a risk carnal.

Dont be a sore loser…

dose any one know what the exact words on the back of the parole picture is, sumthing like La onda – atodo madre ondes madre


Ever been in a steet gang?

Ey Cinderella go and find yourself a fella, you’re on the clock bitch and midnights coming, you got the wrong boy.

Get back to work you slaves!

give me some chon chon!!

Give me that chon-chon!!

hey cinderella find yourself another fella

Hey spider, wanna play? I know a game it’s called stick and cut!

His Blue eyes are turning brown, Cackita Brown!

Hola pretty, are ju blonde all ova?

I ain´t no muslim man!

i am going to make you fold your bluffing hand someday you chicken shit mother fucker

I do not want the man’s porkchop…. I WANT HIS LIFE!!!!!

i don’t give a good goddamn who that taco eatin’ mother fucker was!!!

i fucked your mom last night doggg!.. yeah u i know ur reading this she was soo fucking good the my mouth still waters!

i might be light on the outside but i’m brown on the inside!! to the bone!!

I’ll send you to hell with Big Al.

Imma lover, not a fighter.

In your dreams Pedro, in your dreams

La Onda don’t shine shoes!

Look at that ray of sunshine in all that darkness down there. Come here sweetness.

Man, I do not give a good goddamn who that taco eatin’ motherfucker was

Mira… Tres Puntos like Spider RAAAWR!!!

move along nigger before I carpet my cell with your black skin

No cop in town can take on the chicano u-turn!

Oye Narco, you like to bust dope dealers?

Popeye: Nice placaso you got there ese. You should be riding with me not fucking with me carnal. Detective Aguilar: I’m not your brother asshole!

Respect Is Everything, U Ready 2 Die 4 It?

vato: Looky looky, can I have some? I like mine rare! Spider: Yepa! Yepa! Yepa! which door do I pick? Cruzito: This ain’t no pinche turf ese!

When you expect nothing, And get everything…Thats Destiny

Where the hell you get that PLACA little bo beep

White Bitch give me som chon chon

you do a chicano u turn

Your gonna start off doin pots and pans with the nigger.

your momma was a freebee

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