Movie Quotes from Bounce: Quotes from the movie Bounce

… so that’s what I’ve been doing all this time, bouncing… it’s like crashing, except you get to do it over and over again.

1-You only smoked a little of your last one 2-Oh! That’s because I don’t really smoke. You see…a friend of mine smoked and she was trying to quite and so she started chewing the gum and found that it was soothing to the nerves so I started chewing the gum and then I got hooked on the gum. This is just to get me off the gum. 3-Sounds like a good plan; next week you’ll be on heroine.

1.I’ve always been one of those kind of people, born salesman, closer, people-person. 2.eww.

Abby: It’s not that i can’t forgive him. Do you know how I spent that night he left? Trying to figure out if I was glad that he didn’t get on that plane. You know if I say, I’m glad he’s alive… I’m glad he found me that day. Or if I lie and say I’m not both ways I feel like I’m doing something wrong to someone I…. to both of them to him and to Greg. Being with him is like making a choice. Donna: You don’t have that choice Abby. You have other choices. Abby: Just can’t be him that’s all. Donna: Well whether it’s Buddy or some guy a year from now…. that person will be there because Greg isn’t. That’s just how it is.

Abby: You know what Greg said that night on the phone? He said he met some really nice people in the bar! I think he was right.

Bouncing. It’s like crashing except you get to do it over and over again.

Buddy: I just thought… here… it’s a ticket it’s free. You’ll be fine. And he did. And he died. And that’s what I gotta carry!

Don’t feel sorry for me.. im happy, im widow-happy, i widow-with 2 kids-happy, grade on a curve.. im happy!

God! He had a beautiful nose!

I love when guys do that thing where the start to stand up he deosthat I love that.

I should’t of metioned Waldo. Well he is 8.

I want a last call of the night. I want someone to say goodnight to.

I want someone to watch movies with and get their opinion, a last call of the day,because i don’t have a last call, do you?

I’m ten days off the gum.

It’s not brave if you’re not scared.

Its not brave if you’re not scared

Only somebody that doesnt understand something can keep trying.

Only the plane crashed, sweetie, you gotta bounce.

So, do you have Where’s Waldo? ‘ UH? I’m eight!’

The pleasure of your company, Your input on movies, I go to the store and look for hours, A last call, I don’t have a last call

The pleasure of your company. I want your input on video rentals. I stand there for hours and I can’t pick anything out. I want someone to say good night to. A last call of the day. I don’t have a last call, do you?

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