Movie Quotes from Born in East L.A.: Quotes from the movie Born in East L.A.

1) Excuse me meester, can I borrow feefty cents? 2) Get a job! 3) GIVE ME FIFTY CENTS OR I’LL CUT YOUR FUCKING HEART OUT!!!! (man hands over the coins) Thank you meester.

Fuck me? No, fuck you!

Hey, Mister! I like your sister.

I like your shoes,I like you shirt too.I really like your pants, why don’t you take off your pants

If you want to be cool, first you pull your headband into the cool position. then you just lean back, put this hand in your pocket and then you wave this hand behind you like you just cut one and your trying to shoo away the stinch.

Jehsus is in Tiajuana.

waaassss aaaapeneeeng?


You’ll love these tacos, they taste just like steak.

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