Movie Quotes from Bogus Witch Project, The: Quotes from the movie Bogus Witch Project, The

(1)Shut up, just shut the fuck up. You couple of fuck-ups, you’re totally fucking fucked(2)You sure use profanity a lot. Do you have tourette syndrome? (1)Fuck you!

A special sorry to my last boyfriend Carl, who I cheated on 7 times without him knowing. But if he really cared he would’ve seen the clues. God, I have a lot to be sorry for.

[Drunk guy] You sound retarded. First slate. We should all piss on it, man. Just fuckin’ piss on the slate, man and shit on it and stuff. That’d be fuckin’ awesome, man.

[part of a lawyer’s ad]I was part of a class action suit of the makers of slimy alien pods. They did a number on my anus and now they’re paying through the ass. Thank you, Ted McKinsey. You’re out of this world.

[Part of lawyer’s ad]I was held in a hole by a gibbering man-child who fed me my own feet. I sued and I won big. Thanks, Ted.

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