Movie Quotes from Blood Diner: Quotes from the movie Blood Diner

A Godess more powerfull than superman!

ahhh. your right mark, your always right. a damn good detective too i might add

beats me, cheif…looks like the work of pathalogical wierdos!

don’t do it stan..staaaaaaaan…

don’t point that thing at me foo!

Georgie stop screwing around

georgie, stop screwin’ around!!

grave robbers…maniac grave robbers, and it isn’t even halloween yet,mark…

I had an interview with the watchman’s daughter….good lookin babe!

I’m so horny I could fuck a cow!

I’ve got something in the back thats just perfect for a mess like this

looks like someone had a do-it-yourself lunch meat party!

sheeta your body looks good. what a set of knockers, if i only had my slong back you’d know the meaning of mao chismo

the name’s horatio titus..but my friend’s call me vitamin…c

this is the best friggin vegie burger i’ve had in a sunofabithcin long time…!

This man has a meat cleaver in one hand and his genitals in the other!

you got that right, homo!!

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