Movie Quotes from Blades of Glory: Quotes from the movie Blades of Glory

1. I’ll pick you up in an hour.2. Great!!! That will give me some time to wax my chest.

Chazz: (to Jimmy) We’re going to Montreal, bitch!

Chazz: Troubled childhood? If you call being a nine year old kid with a thirty-five year old girlfriend troubled.

Coach: You’re the girl. Jimmy: What?! Chazz: You’re my pretty lady, MacElroy. Jimmy: But why? Coach: Because you whine like one, (to Chazz) and no one can lift your fatass!

Are you an official here? Cause you’ve officially given me a boner.

Chazz Michael Michaels is figure skating.

How’d it go with your lady? Carve up any ice?…With your weiner?

I am NEVER satisfied. It is my curse.

I see you still look like a 15-year-old girl… but not hot.

I’m a sex addict. It’s my cross to bare.

Mind-bottling. Like your mind is trapped in a bottle.

Personal philosophy: Clothing optional.

THAT, young man, is how babies are made.

You put the bone in Zamboni.

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