Movie Quotes from Black Dahlia, The: Quotes from the movie Black Dahlia, The

–Georgie introduced me to Mack Sennett. I helped him build that housing project he was putting up underneath that god-awful sign.

–I don’t get modern art.
–I doubt modern art gets you, either.

Fire and Ice.

Hitler was a bit excessive.

Kay was always there. Always in the middle, but never between us.

Nothing stays buried forever. Nothing.

Thank our friend Bevo Means at The Examiner. See, Bevo’s painting Betty in a black dress like some actress in that Alan Ladd movie, Blue Dahlia. Should triple our confessions.

The victim has been cut in half, all the organs removed, blood drained from the body, and the mouth sliced ear to ear.

With publicity, you get confessions. With confessions, you get crazies, liars and flase leads. So, we keep some things quiet.

You know, this is a very sad scene. Do you think you’re capable of playing sadness?

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