Movie Quotes from Big Picture, The: Quotes from the movie Big Picture, The

–So, did you grow up out here, Nick?
–No, I’m from Ohio.
–Oh, really. My first wife is from Illinois.

–You’re shooting a movie? What’s it called?
–Yeah, it’s called ‘Coffins from Hell.’
–Mm, what’s it about?
–Coffins from hell.

And then he turned around and crapped in my face, litterally!

How’s that cancer cure coming?

I don’t know you, I don’t know your work…but I think you’re a very, very talented young man.

I know you’re seeing other agents. And I think it’s good you’re seeing other agents.

I’m convinced that all the commercial elements are all there. The potential product has demographic viability in a package for the youth market and beyond.

I’ve read all of these scripts almost all the way through and I think the one about the cop the boy and the dog best….it’s heartwarming but with an edge

Im sorry but,i think your making a HUGE mistake

In closing, I’d like to quote Frank Capra: ‘Don’t compromise. For only the valient can create. Only the daring should make films. And only the artistically incorrupt will earn and keep the people’s trust.’

We’re doing a picture in London right now and everyone is just freaking out.

Why am I yelling? Because nobody calls me a deuchebag!

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