Movie Quotes from Big Fix, The: Quotes from the movie Big Fix, The

–You students here?
–No, we were students at Berkeley in 1968.

And you call yourself a detective?

Aunt Sonya!

Bakunin was a terrorist monster. You are not an authority on Bakunin just because you used to date every terrorist in Soviet Russia. That does not make you an authority.

Come on, children. I’ll read you a story about the Albanian labor shortage.

Do you know what that can do to us in Orange County?


I thought my razor was dull before I heard him speak.

I Want To Be Seduced.

I’m an industrial investigator.

I’m Moses Wine.

Look what I got…A radical Maxist gumshoe.

They shot at my kids.

Wanna buy a duck?

What do you know about the underground?

What kind of detective are you?

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