Movie Quotes from Big Business: Quotes from the movie Big Business

#1) Hey! I like your Kimonah, get that in ‘nam?
#2) Uh, no – Fire Island.

#1) How did I get so fat! I look like a wall-eyed salmon. What did he use, a wide angled lense?
#2) No, he didn’t, see, I look thin. . . I mean, I LOOK thin. I mean, I was standing near the window, there was a lot of light. . .

#1) Yo, Ma, it’s me, Sly.
#2) Wh-what the heck’d you do that for?
#1) I just wanted to go the distance.

#1)Are you kidding? I haven’t gotten lost since the day you two were born, and that was at least-
#2)We know how many years ago that was, Harlan. Just drive.

#1)Did you go and buy yourself brand new outfits?
#2)How’d you KNOW?

#1)Do you have any messages for me?
#2)Just one: I get off at ten, and I’d love to see the view from your room.
#1)Well, we certainly can look forward to THAT.

#1)Everyone be quiet. We’re going to go clockwise, starting with me.
#2)Well, how come you?
#1)My god, it’s ME with the bad haircut.
#2)BAD?! I paid twelve bucks for this!

#1)Hi, Rose! How’s Duke doing?
#2)Duke? My dog?! Boy, when you go snoopin’ into people’s lives, you don’t miss a trick, do ya?

#1)I’m here to see Graham Shearborn
#2)Okay, he should be in his office.
#1)And where is that?
#2)Where it usually is, Rose.
#1)Oh, you’re a BIG help.

#1)Isn’t it excitin’?
#2)Oh, yeah, the noise, the smog, the crowds, the muggers, sex fiends, whiteslavers, politicians. . .it’s a pistol. I’ve got about as much use for it as a toad has for spitcurls.

#1)It’s POD PEOPLE! I saw them at the movies!
#2) I was at the premiere!

#1)Look, a sink in the living room.
#2)That’s what the french call ‘a Biday.’
#1)The french must be taller’n me.

#1)You’re paying our child to learn? Are you out of your mind? You’re raising a child, not a CO.
#2)Well, perhaps I’ll raise both.

#1: Wanna go get a grape soda?
#2: Not with a man covered in pig poop. No, sir, Ah don’t!

(Voice on the phone): Ah, glad I got you. Which would you prefer in your room – roses, or tulips?
Sadie: Roses.
Rose: ‘Roses’ – me?
Sadie: One of them surveys!

1) Dieting again, are we? 2) Shh, not here.

1)JACK? I went to Yale with Jack. 2)I did my first hostile take over with Jack.

1. So, tell me more about Rhune. 2. What are you bothering me about Rhune for? You know I’m worried ’bout the meetin’!
1. The ‘meetin’?’ Why’re you so worried about the ‘meetin’?’

are you kiddin? computer chips they got their ways

Can we outsnake ’em? Hell YES!

Chuck: Look at us, we are staking out a LADIES ROOM.
Graham: 6 more seconds, and we’ve got them. Can you contain yourself for 6 MORE SECONDS!!!!

Doctor: Well, I hope you wanted twins, because that’s what you both got – girls!
Father #1: Wonderful!
Father #2: Damn.

Doctor: Now don’t worry, it’ll just be a little prick.
Binky: Yeah, that’s what got me into this mess!

Don’t go into any subways, or eat clams.

Don’t you ‘honey’ me, you no good, belly-scraping pile of cow plop!


Graham: Do you think it’s hormonal? Chuck: Who care? We’re off the hook. Now, how ’bout some racquetball, and where should we go for dinner.

He’s just tryin’ to BUY US OFF. Well, we are not impressed.

Hi everyone – I’m fine. Had a good breakfast – oatmeal, but I guess you knew that. Got on my Tuesday panties, but I guess you knew that too.

I am gonna kick yo ass.

I don’t see how is it that you, my own sister, can stuff your face and nothing happens and I subsist on 60 calories a day or else blow up like a Macy’s Day float!

I gotta get me some of those press on nails – do those things stay on? I wouldn’t want ’em flopping in off in any of those. . . fancy nightclubs!

I hate men who smell like beer and bean dip…and makin’ love in the back of recreational vehicles!

I like that lamp

I want a penthouse in the sky, and a maid to pick up after me! I wanna say things like, ‘Keep the change!’

I’m gonna raise up a big ruckess at the stockholder’s meetin’, and I said my piece, Amen!

I’m not gonna sit up here like a clove on a baked ham. I’m gonna kick up my heels. They got dining, dancing, shoot, I could stay in this hotel the rest of my life and be happy as Buella the cow.

I,I, I’m a very direct woman, and I shall not hesitate to fire y’all on the spot

Is a frog’s ass water tight!

Is a frog’s ass watertight?

Is this how we dress for the office? You look like a blood clot

Laundering some lira, are we?

Look at my glove!

Mister, have you got your brains and your balls in your briefcase?

now eat the damn muffin

Oh, guten morgen!

Oh, oh, that must be he!

Real wooden hangers! But they don’t come off. . .

So there are drugs for those sort of things and we make most of them

That happened to me once.

That’s gratitude!

The Meetin? Why you worried bout the meetin?

They got the nerve to charge twelve-fifty for four tiny little pancakes!

They wouldn’t let me park. I had to keep circling.

We’d better be on guard.

well take a purge!

Well, hello, Jupiter Hallow, I know you’re doing fine. Every day your work the factory, every night a jug a wine. But now them bums at Moramax are tryin’ to milk us dry. But you all know my sister Rose will sound the bell and cry!

What luggage?! Its evaporated!

What’s a cow plop, mommy?

When mother nature looks through her window, Jupiter Hallow is the view she loves best.

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