Movie Quotes from Big Bully: Quotes from the movie Big Bully

–What is this?
–Hot Dish.
–What’s Hot Dish?
–Well, last week we had lasagna. Then it became spaghetti. And when it’s finally unrecognizable, they call it Hot Dish.

–You’re alive!
–You’re dead!

1)All right no means yes and yes means no. You want me to hit you? 2)NO! (hits him) OW! 1)Let’s try again. You want me to hit you? 2)Uh…yes. (hits him) OW! I thought you said no meant yes and yes meant no! 1)Yeah, but that time it didn’t count!

1)Holy cow! 2)Holy shit!

1)You’re alive! 2)You’re dead!

Crack! David Leary’s gotta be on crack!

Oh, you thought we were friends, huh? You beat me up, you humiliated me! I’m 35 years old, I still have nightmares about the fourth grade! That’s not what friends are supposed to do for each other! A friend is supposed to make you feel good about yourself!

Teacher teacher floating on the Delaware, chewing on her underwear, couldn’t afford another pair. Ten days later eaten by a polar bear. That’s how the polar bear died.

What?! More peas?!

You got a date with the sex teacher? How’d you manage that?

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