Movie Quotes from Big Bad Mama: Quotes from the movie Big Bad Mama

And let’s stop the New Deal before it gives the country away to them foreigners.

Baxter, you got more moneymaking schemes than a damn politician!

In business you gotta think big or you gotta think fast. ‘Diamond Jim’ Brady said that.

It’s like John D. Rockefeller said, ‘You gotta grasp the dynamics of money and keep the currency on the move.’

That man won’t be in the White House for long. Raising taxes, making it hard on the better-class people.

That’s Goddamn blasphemy!

We ain’t ever gonna by poor again, I swear to God.

Why can’t we right up there with Ford, Rockefeller, Capone, and all the rest of ’em?

Y’all have trouble cashing a check?

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Big Bad Mama’: Quotes from the movie ‘Big Bad Mama’

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