Movie Quotes from Bewitched: Quotes from the movie Bewitched

*looks around* YIKES!!!!!!!!

¿Donde esta mi perro?

Bob, do you hear…someone talking?

Guess what…I’m a witch.

I just like to blend.

I’m not going to get pregnant? I can’t get pregnant right now!

Isabel: [Jack is being a jerk on television. Isabel gets on the phone with Nina.] Yes, I’m watching it. [pauses] What’s a dick?

Let’s make love in a hot air balloon! Let’s make love in a candy factory! Let’s make love in a petting zoo! At sea world on the back of a killer whale!

Let’s make love in a petting zoo!

like OMG! where is my dog

my canine companion u shall lick my face and i shall lick ur snout

No breakfast after eleven.

Once in many, many millions of births, a body can have two divergent personalities living in the same brain.

They replaced Darrin, and nobody noticed !!

Yes, he is being a very large male reproductive organ

Your sweating. Like a Pig. How divine.

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