Movie Quotes from Best of Everything, The: Quotes from the movie Best of Everything, The

Being a woman is too painful, so you’re not going to be one.

Get out quick. Work six months or a year, prove whatever you have to prove, then marry the med student or the law student and love happily ever after.

How do college boys make love?

I like enthusiasm. It’s the quality beyond price. That, uh, and experience. Are you looking for experience, Miss Bender?

I’m so ashamed, now I’m just somebody who’s had an affair.

No! Beat it out on a native drum!

No, no, no – is that all they taught you in school? They should give a course in ‘yes,’ you know?

Say? Well, they don’t say anything. They mostly just grab and breathe hard.

These days, who can afford money?

Well, what would you like to do? Go to a movie? Eat a steak? Shoot yourself?

Who do you think you’re fooling? You’ve been around.

You and rabbit-faced wife can go to hell.

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