Movie Quotes from Belly: Quotes from the movie Belly

(DMX) That books fuckin wit ya head!
(NAS) When’s the last time you read a book?!?!

Dat’s ya man. Dat’s ya man

do whatever for the dollar

Faggot cops can’t touch me!!!! I’m out here smokin weed, speedin, goin through red lights, fuck it!!!! That’s me…untouchable!!!!

fuck you bitch ass niggaz son

Fuck a book Shorty Cant eat no books

Fuck Knowledge! Roll up I’m trying to get high…

get ya dick hard like rottwelier

I ain’t goin back to jail…the next time the county or the state see me, its gonna be in a bag…

I don’t know no fuckin Kiana!

I love this movie. It’s reality

I sold my soul to the devil… and the price was cheap… It was cold on this level… it’s twice as deep… it’s 2 O’Clock just about to hit the streets until i knock off this rock i dont get to eat… sometimes that’s the only reason why i hustle… step on told strong arm… and short with muscle… but it aint real though… thats why a nigga feel so frustrated… hated to see the bitch niggaz that made it… robbin niggaz just as poor as myself… fuckin in queens aint to good for a niggaz health… but wheres the wealth? it aint in New York… that’s why i gotta do whatever for the dolla fucka… you know me Charlie Brown…

i told you, don’t call the crib from da spot and who the fuck gave you da number? das ya word..das ya word…nigga suck my dick

I’m about to say fuck school and get money wit ch’all niggas

im the original jamaican dandatta

is dat dat nigga, is dat dat nigga…. is you da baddest nigga in Nebraska… Is you bout it bout it foo?

It’s too hot to go back

Method Man: I rolls dolo from State to State!

Might…might hafta drop a dime on them niggas. I don’t like that shit…don’t like that shit.

Nas: Yo man u ever wonder Why tha fuck we here now man? DMX: It’s money nigga, what are you a fuckin home owner now. Nigga I know u gonna jump back on my dick when i’m gettin mine

Shorty was twelve goin on twenty.

Tommy said we can’t fuck yet…but I did suck his dick the night before last.

we born to fuckin die… in the mean time get money

when it rains… niggas get wet.. you the only dog in my corner….dont cross me

Ya born then ya die, In between all that bullshit you get money! Fo Real

you wanna ramp wit bombaclad me

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