Movie Quotes from Beautiful Thing: Quotes from the movie Beautiful Thing

Balls, Mr. Bennett!!!

Come on Slasher, I cant be arsed

Do you have to use words like that? It really disempowers you.

I was worried about you having to topand tale, and all this time you were doin a 70 minus 1

I’m very happy. I’m happy when I’m with you.

It’s not natural is it…a girl her age into Mama Cass.

Jamie: how do you know its a gay bar?
Sandra: cos its got a pink neon arse hanging outside of it

jamie: that’ll be the phone
Sandra: well it wouldn’t be the bloody hoover bag would it

Jamie: That’ll be the phone
Sandra: Well it wouldn’t be the bloody hoover bag would it?

kids are cunts

Leah: I’m off out with Jamie and Ste tonight. Gonna get me a dyke.

Leah: She talks to me like I’ve got ‘CUNT’ written on my forehead.

less fucking and more attention please. Something you might of said to your boyfreind that

Louise, I will never have grandchildren.

Nothing ever happens around here. I gets up in the morning, bake my face in half a ton of slap, tong my hair with yesterday’s lacquer, that’s it. It’s the same every bleeding day. There’s fuck-all to look forward to.

oh you, you’re so smart, well just remember I gave you those brains
I always thought you had a labotomy

Rose: Leah, peel the tatties for dinner.
Leah: Kiss my arse.

Sandra: A leopard never changes its spots and a slapper never changes her knickers.

Sandra: What about Madonna?
Leah: She’s a slag.

See ya – wouldn’t wanna be ya!

Trevor- its sandra ‘ere, and I’m not happy

Trevor: Fuck off, you meddling cunt.

well, its obvoius init? the bird with the biggest tits

You’ll be drinkin blood if I slap your face

you’re pissed, from a bloody gay bar

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