Movie Quotes from Basic: Quotes from the movie Basic

(1)At one point I want you to go bad cop on him; the signal will be my rubbing my nose. (2)Not scratching your balls? (1)Look for both.

–So, what are you gonna do?
–I think I need a beer.

-But I thought you two hated each other
-Well I’m not all that fond of him, and he is kinda of a jerk

1) We’ve interogated him for 3 hours, we can’t get him to say a word. 2) Have ya tried..Pokin him with a stick????

1. Sir, if he isn’t Army, this wouldn’t be official. 2. Then it is unofficial.

Am I scratching, YOUR surface yet?

If Motherfucking George Patton rose from his grave and asked for your sidearm, you would not relinquish your sidearm!

My Rangers are warriors.

Now I don’t want you to worry about what happened up there. All we gotta do is tell the story right.

Sgt West: I don’t give a RAT’S FUCK about WHO’S General’s dick you sucked to get the privelage of standing here in front of me, Those of you whom I deem unworthy will quit. Those of you who refuse to quit, WILL have an unfortunate training accident. This base has three training accidents a year, and I will NOT hesitate to repeate those same accidents if nesissary.

Sgt. Nathan West: As some of you may have heard, there is a hurricane warning tonight. Well, Rangers do not wait on good weather. Rangers do not wait for bright sun shiny days. Oh, no. Rangers are trained to operate in the worst possible conditions, and takes those conditions and turns them against their enemies. You each have one rifle, one side arm, and one white phosphorous grenade. This is a live E&E, so please keep those weapons safetied, so you are not to shoot off your nonexistent dicks.

Sgt. West: I don’t give a rat fuck about whose General’s dick you sucked to gain the privilege to stand here before me.

So pretty, so dead. ~Sgt. West

So pretty. So dead.

the dead one was exchanging fire with the live one. i assume that’s what made him the dead one

Wanna see what happens when you lie?

We’re here, but we’re not

West: Soldier, what is the muzzle velocity of an M16 Assault Rifle?
Dunbar: 40 sir
West: 40 WHAT?
Dunbar: 40 Meters per second sir
West: Now take 40% of that and multiply by the number of each animal Moses took on the ark with him.
Dunbar: 20 sir
Nunez: 0 dipshit, Moses wasn’t on the ark.

What other operation?

Whoa-ho! How about them Yankees?

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