Movie Quotes from Basic Instinct 2: Quotes from the movie Basic Instinct 2

–I’m not the one on trial for murder.
–Not yet.

–I’m sorry, there’s no smoking in here. It’s a rule.
–I don’t like rules.

–Well, I see that you’re a writer. What do you write about?
–Murder, sex, violence.

All addiction is progressive. The addict always needs to take greater risks.

Everything she does is so perfectly composed. It’s designed to confuse and confound you. You never know what’s truth and what isn’t.

I believe her behavior is driven by what we might call a risk addiction.

People die in my novels. I have to think of new and interesting ways to kill them.

She’s brilliant, really.

When it came down to it, my life was more important to me than his.

You know what I like about you? You enjoy being in control. Like me.

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