Movie Quotes from Barbershop: Quotes from the movie Barbershop

…Rodney King deserved to get his beat for being grown in a Hyundai…

1)hey where you goin?
2)her with that attitude na ah
3)don’t be scurred

Aint this a Barbershop? Aint this a Barbershop?


Eddie:… FUCK Jesse Jackson.

I think I messed up my part

I’m gonna cut somebody

I’m gonna get a tatoo that say ‘Thug Nasty’. That’s me, Thug Nasty… Nasty Thug.

Man fuck Jesse Jackson

Rosa Parks aint do nothin but sit her black ass down
She was tired

See, when I get through his face is gonna be real smooth, like Gary Coleman

Thas a safari punch!!

Well, did you or didn’t you? Inquirin minds wanna know

Who drank my apple juice?!

Who drank my god damn apple juice??

Who drank my goddamn applejuice!


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