Movie Quotes from Banger Sisters, The: Quotes from the movie Banger Sisters, The

–Mom caught me and Julio in the pool together.
–We weren’t swimming!

-Stay in your lane-
-Which lane are you refering to?-
-The one that your in-
-Then what’s the problem?-

2.)Why? !.) Because your spoiled brats thats why! 2.) No we’re not! 1.)What’s this? 2.) A banana hammock. 1.) A hammock for bananas, sure like everyone has one of those!

G: He failed me for NO REASON.
L: It says here you ran a red light.
G: Mom, as if I’d do that in a test.

I mean, they had sex on my skin.

I want to go out but everything that I own is beige.

i’m not a whorshipper of much, except for life itself

Im going to smoke Harry, endure it.

La La La Lavina!

Oh Harry, you may never shit again!

Rock Cock Collection!

she gives handjobs real good hand jobs


this is so stupid i hit one car and they take me to a hospital and make me wear this stupid thing .. oh my god mom what happened to your hair? (dont worry about it) (you were driving without a liscense ) then why dont they take me to jail it would make more sense plus its not even my fault… (what do you mean it wasnt your fault?) hannah gave me the keys

you look like a flower and I am the same color as the dmv

you ran me over!
well someone had to did you hear yourself,
you ran over a person!

you’re heading up your own ass and i don’t feel like following you

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