Movie Quotes from Bandits: Quotes from the movie Bandits


(talking about a phobia of antique furniture) Anything before 1050 gives me the heebie-jeebies!

(talking about a phobia of antique furniture) Anything before 1950 gives me the heebie-jeebies!

-Harvey sees Terry and Kate drive up- Hey you two guys! We sure were wonderin where you were! We were wonderin and wonderin and wonderin and wonderin!

-Is this a joke?
-No, ma’am. This is a bank robbery.

-Kate’s a special lady.
-Kate is an iceburg waiting for the Titanic.

-You’re insane!
-I’m unhappy! It’s not the same thing.

1. Y-You pull over tight now! I’ll shoot you with this thing! 2. Oh go ahead! It would be an improvement, believe me!

1. You want to see something neat? Aim the gun at me. Go on! Aim the gun at me. 2. (Aiming the gun) Freeze? 1. Pretty good. But first you have to pop a shell into the chamber. Like this. (Flips the gun out of his hands, grabs it, and cocks it) 2. Neat!

Beavers and ducks!

Beavers and ducks!!!

Can you wiggle your toes?

death exists in life until it comes


Do you smell burning feathers?

Don’t Expect the unexpected, because then its not really unexpected and that leaves you vulnerable to the truely unexpected

Girls love men who love danger.

Good manners don’t excuse bad behavoir.

Good manners is no excuse for criminal behavior!

Here you go sir, in case you need to highlight anything.

I like ALL pony songs!

I would rather feel too much, than too little.

Irish hurling is like football with sticks

Irish Hurling is like football, but with sticks!

Love is a wish that hides in the heart, and nobody knows it but i bet you. Love is blinding. An eternity of a single moment. A religion worth dying for. But it’s also time comsuming, and a pain in the ass, a hole in the heart. Not necessarily in that order.

Once upon a time I was falling in love, now I’m only falling apart. Nothing I can do, total eclipse of the heart.

She’s mentally unstable to a spectacular degree!

Terry jumps awake: Mmmm Bevers ‘n’ ducks!

That’s a lot of nickels Joe!

Those are wicked pants ~Harvey

Well, well, look at you gentlemen. Are the clothes all right? Aren’t we looking spiffy in plaid.

You’re gonna rob a bank with a magic marker. What are you gonna do, draw on ’em?

You’re gonna rob the bank with a Magic Marker? What are you gonna do,
draw on ’em?

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