Movie Quotes from Bad Medicine: Quotes from the movie Bad Medicine

(1) I think that all Americans want their sons to be doctors. (2) Yes, but not dead doctors!

–I did it! I found a school that will take him!
–Where? Miami?
–Farther south.

1) Are there any questions?
2) Yeah.
1) Marx?
2) Uh, are we doctors?
1) That’s a good question, Marx. Any other questions?

CARLOS: How do you do? We’d like to buy a body. MORGUE TECHNICIAN: I have never heard of such a disgusting thing! Get out! CARLOS: Pesos. MORGUE TECHNICIAN: May I suggest Gonzalez. He was killed just last night in a police shootout.

Dad, this is me, Jeff. You were right about school, I was wrong. And, I know what I want to do. I know what I want to specialize in . . . everything! Nobody does that! Isn’t that great?! Wait a minute, dad, we could be partners: Marx & son. We could open up thousands of clinics, franchised like McDonald’s!

I came, I tried, I got shot.

Unhook me with your raw hands, and lick my pulsating nipples until they pout!

You kill me, I kill you right back!

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