Movie Quotes from Bad Day at Black Rock: Quotes from the movie Bad Day at Black Rock

–I believe a man is as big as what he’s seeking. I believe you’re a
big man, Mr. Macreedy.
–Flattery will get you nowhere.

–I want to go to a place called Adobe Flat. Are there any cabs available?
–Adobe Flat?
–No cabs.

–Real cool guy.
–Doesn’t push easy, huh?
–Well, that’s it. That’s just it. He pushes too easy.

–What do you care? What do you care about Black Rock?
–I don’t care anything about Black Rock. Only it seems to me that there aren’t many towns like this in America. But…one town like it is enough. And because I think something kind of bad happened here, Miss Wirth. Something I can’t quite seem to find a handle to.
–You don’t know what you’re talking about.
–Well, I know this much. The rule of law has left here and the gorillas have taken over.

–What’ll you have?
–What’ve you got?
–Chili and beans.
–Anything else?
–Chili without beans.

–What’s all the excitement? What happened?
–A shooting.
–Thought it was something. First time the streamliner’s stopped here
in four years.
–Second time.

Four years ago something terrible happened here. We did nothing about. Nothing. The whole town fell into a sort of settled melancholy and all the people in it closed their eyes and held their
tongues and…failed the test with a whimper. And now something
terrible’s going to happen again…and in a way we’re lucky. Because
we’ve been given a second chance.

You look like you need a hand.

You’re not only wrong. You’re wrong at the top of your voice.

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