Movie Quotes from Backdraft: Quotes from the movie Backdraft

…Both deaths due to close encounters with stationary objects; office door for Mr. Cosgrove, ’89 Porsche for Mr. Seagrave.

1) Son you know that little glow thats starting to blink in the corner of your eye. Thats your career disapation light it just went into overtime. 2) If anyone lights were about to go out belive me they are yours.

1)Ah….These moments do try me. 2)Be gentle now axe. 3)Holy Shit.

1)I was doing it. I was up there doing it. You dont knwo man. You dont know what i did. 2) What you did was drop the ball probee. You split the team up. Get that part right.

1)Im Brian. 2)I’m sorry.

1)You gonna keep the eggshells in there?
2)Yeah, it’s part of my ‘sperament.
1)oh, part of your experiment? Okay I guess you know what you’re doin’ there.

1. How do we know if there’s a fire on this floor?
2. Well when the doors open, if it’s real hot…don’t get out!

1/Did it look at you….. did the fire look at you???____ 2/ Holy shit! _____ 1/ Oh my….. it did!!

1/__So stop me if I got this wrong. Now the fire is almost out, you’re upstairs on the unburned floor checking for heat, is that correct? And you’ve been told by your Battalion Chief, your Captain and by me not to do nothin’, right? Not to do nothin’ until ordered….that’s correct, right?

2/__Yes, sir.

1/__Ok… But now the itch starts. The ‘Glory Boy’ flash starts. ‘Hey, I’m a hero. Heroes don’t just stand around.’ You can tell me, that’s what it was, wasn’t it?

2/__Yes, sir.

1/__So you punched out a window for ventilation. Was that before or after you noticed you were standing in a lake of gasoline?…. Was that BEFORE OR AFTER you noticed you were standing in a lake of GASOLINE, YOU IDIOT!!!?

2/__Before, sir.

1/__You could have burned or killed or crispened half that company! To say nothing of the fact that you wrecked the physical evidence that I use to prove that it’s arson, and you know how goddamned hard it is to determine the cause of these fires! Now you go home and you think about that!

Arlington Heights and Itasca…

Axe, what are thinking, you burned people, your a fireman.

Brian. In a word, what’s this job all about?

Check that door for heat Tim?

Did it look at ya? Did the fire look at ya? It did?

dig in godammit

Genteleman, F*** you!

god i hate to be late tommorow

helen can i talked to you about sean

hey axe you know this rugrat

How do you do it, man? How do you come up with new and amazing ways to fuck up?!

I didn’t want you overheatin’ there McCaffery!

I have a very uncomplacted job Alderman, to decide if a fire is arson or not, and so to catch the son of a bitch who is doing it, so if my investigative methods happen to muck up the campaign of certain mayor want-abes I got to tell ya, I’m not going to loose any sleep over it.

I have a very uncomplicated job, Alderman, to decide if a fire is arson or not and if so to catch the son of a bitch doing it. So if my investigative methods happen to muck up the campaign of certain mayor-wanabes, I got to tell ya I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.

I love it here, fighting 17 GOD DAMN!!

I told ya to stay right beside me, didn’t I, Brian?? Right be-fucking-side me!!!

I told you to stay rigt ba-fuckin side me, Brian

In a word, whats this job all about….Fire…It’s a living thing Brian, it breathes, it eats, and it hates.

In the Chicago Fire Department, the alarm code 3-3-5 signifies the company has returned home to quarters.


Is this one of those big brother-little brother you broke my GIJoe and im still pissed games?

It didn’t get me Brian, the monster never got me…I got out.

It’s a living thing Brian. It breaths, it eats,…and it even hates. The only way to truely kill it is to love it a little. Just like Ronald.

It’s not like having a bad day selling log cabins. You have a bad day here, some one dies.

it’s not like you have a bad day selling log cabins, you have a bad day here somebody dies and that just not fucken good enough.

ItS a LiViNg tHiNg BrIaN. iT bReAtHeS, iT eAtS…aNd It HaTeS. tHe OnLy WaY tO bEaT iT iS To ThInK lIkE iT. tO kNoW tHaT tHiS fLaMe WiLl SpReAd ThIs WaY aCrOsS tHe DoOr AnD uP aCrOsS tHe CiElInG nOt BeCaUsE tHe PhYsIcS oF fLaMmAbLe LiQuIdS, bUt BeCaUsE iT wAnTs To

its the only thing i am sure of anymore..

Jesus Christ, he’s not going to sell you insurance. Just lift him up.

Know him, Hell, I practically raised him

Know him? I practically raised him, he never calls never writes…


Let me go Bull? 2) You go…We Go!

Look at him! That’s my Brother, Godammit!

Man, I hate it when we have to go looking for it!

Oh, yeah, this is gonna taste like shit!

People change even when you are looking right at them.

Run dam you

run to the side now brian to going to go

See that flash in the corner of your eye? Thats you career dissipation light. It just went into high gear

Shake and bake boys…..We got our selves a bbq

She’s hot and smokey but she’s not rolling yet

So then…….. you decided to break open a window for ventilation…… was that before or after you realised you were standing in a lake of gasoline???….. WAS THAT BEFORE OR AFTER YOU REALISED YOU WERE STANDING IN A LAKE OF GASOLINE, YOU IDIOT!!!!!!???

So….. you’re looking for someone who knows the beast but doesn’t love it….. doesn’t wanna set it free to have some fun…

Sorry boss John Wayne time your on your own

Sorry kid I thought you were dead!

Spinach, we don’t need no stinking spinach

Thar’s my brother damn it!

That’s the funny thing about firemen; night and day they are always firemen.

thats my brother godammit

the fire knows us it knows we’re coming this time

The Funny thing about firemen, night and day their always firemen

The funny thing about firemen, night and day, there always firemen.

These high-rise gigs give me the creeps

These high-rise gigs give me the creeps.

They were killing our men for money! What the fuck would you do?

Tim went to a Fire and now he dosent have a face.

Tim> You never know till the moment the fire stares you down. You’re either gonna do this job.. Brian> Or be great at it right?


Was that before or after you noticed you were standing in a lake of gasoline? You could’ve crispered the entire company. Not to mention you destroyed the physical evidance that I use to prove its arson, and you know how goddamned hard it is to prove that.

Whaddya say Brian? Wanna see your old man earn his keep?

Where does this guy get his shoes from, did ya see them their like fuckin butter

Where’s 17?

Whoes your brother Brian

would you stay still already ur such a geek ur doing it rong ur doing it rong who asked u whos ur brother u r stevie thats right u do like this itll open up in a fire you can burn and die

You Burned Him,Steven!!!!!!!!!
Fuck You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brian angrily confronts his older brother for causing his friend Tim,to be burned in a fire.

You check that door for heat, Tim?

you go, we go

You go…We go

Your dad died saving my life, died saving my life and these people were killing fireman for money. If they your friends for money what the fuck would you do?

Your Dennis’s kid. Go find yourself a coner to hide in, i’ll get to you later

Your doing it wrong

[Tagline] One breath of oxygen and it explodes in a deadly rage.

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