Movie Quotes from Atlantic City: Quotes from the movie Atlantic City

Atlantic City had floy floy coming out of its ears in those days.

Atlantic City, my old friend.

Don’t touch the suit.

I ain’t got nobody.

I worked for the people who worked for the people.

If I’m gonna get busted for money and drugs, I wanna have that money and drugs on me.

Lou (to Sally’s husband, remembering the town in better times): ‘Yes, it used to be beautiful–what with the rackets, whoring, guns.’

Oh, I never use seatbelts. I don’t believe in gravity.

The world should be your oyster.

This is a very tight town. I only do business with the people I do business with…the people I do business with find out I do business with the people I don’t do business with…I can’t do business with you.

You should have seen the Atlantic Ocean in those days.

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