Movie Quotes from Asphalt Jungle, The: Quotes from the movie Asphalt Jungle, The

–What about my trip, Uncle Lon?
–Don’t worry, baby, you’ll have plenty of trips.

A plan for a caper. And it’s a good one.

As a matter of fact, he’s a dead duck.

Crime is a left-handed form of human endeavor.

Educated man who uses his brains to circumvent the law. Worst type of human being. No excuse for him.

Emmerich came through. The insurance people say okay.

Hooligans – they’re just like left-handed pitchers, all have a screw loose somewhere.

I got hungry. Greed made me blind.

I was broke, facing bankruptcy.

I’m on the lam. I’m wanted bad, packing heat.

If you want fresh air, don’t look for it in this town.

One way or another, we all pay for our vices.

Put in hours and hours of planning. Figure everything down to the last detail.

The battle’s finish. The jungle wins.

We moved on your word.

What can you do against blind accidents?

You know what they say: ‘Home is where the money is.’

You’re entitled to a look, naturally.

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