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(almost falls) Oops! Not as spry as I was when I was 80, eh?

1. *********! *********! Listen.
2. Oh, shucks, ********. That ain’t nothing byt a little old cricket bug.
1. It’s squeaky shoes approachin’.
2. Oh, cricket bugs don’t wear shoes.
1. Hush your mouth. Let’s see. They’re oxford shoes. Size nine-and-a-half. Hole in the left sole, it sounds like.
2. What color are they?
1. They are black – how would I know that?

1. *******. Beautiful. Love it. And those eyes… ooh. Why your eyes are like sapphires, sparkling so bright, they make the morning radiant… and light.
2. How romantic!
3. Sissy stuff!

1. ******, your friends are really delightful. I just love them.
2. Well, they’re kinda rough, you know, around the edges, but if you’re ever in a ham, wham, they’re right there.
1. And wham, when we needed you, you were right there.
2. That was just a lucky break for me, baby.
1. Oh, thank you so much for offering us your home. Oh, I mean your pad. It’s very nice.
2. Well now, wait a minute. You know, this is the low-rent district, remember?
1. No, no, no, I like it, well, uh– well, all it needs is a little tidying up and, well, maybe a little feminine touch.
2. Well, if you’re applying for the job, well–
3. (to 4.) Goody. Mother’s going to work for mister *’******.
2. Boy, your eyes are like sapphires. Gee. Huh. That’s pretty corny, though, huh?
1. No, not at all. Any woman would like it. Oh, I, I mean, even little *****.
2. Yeah. All those little kittens, *******. I love ’em.
1. And they are very fond of you.

1. Anyone for breakfast?
2. What breakfast?
3. Where is it?
1. Right under that magic carpet. But now we have to cook up a little spell. You know. Ready? [They nod] All right. First, to make the magic begin, you wiggle your nose and tickle your chin. Now you close your eyes and cross your heart. And presto, breakfast a la carte.

1. Come on, *****. Last one up the stairs is a nincompoop.
2. Could we take the elevator this time, sir?
1. That bird cage? poppycock! Elevators are for old people.

1. Girls, it’s outrageous! Why, you won’t believe what they tried to do to your poor old uncle ***** [Look. Look at his! Prime country goose a la provencal stuffed with chestnuts and basted in white whine.
2. Basted? He’s been marinated in it.
1. Dreadful! Being british, I would have preferred sherry.

1. Hey! Mee-oww! What a classy neighborhood. Dig these fancy wigwams.
2. Wigwams?

1. Hey, ********, that sounds like the end.
2. Wait a minute, I’m the leader, I’ll say when it’s the end. It’s the end.

1. Hey, now the squeakin’ has stopped.
2. I still say it was a little old cricket bug.
1. I’m the leader. I’ll decide what it was. It was a little old cricket bug.

1. Listen. Wheels approaching.
2. Oh, ********, we done bit six tires today. Chased four motorcars and a bicycle and a scooter.
1. Hush your mouth! Two-cylinder, chain drive, one squeaky wheel on the front, it sounds like. Now, you go for the tires, and I’ll go right for the seat of the problem.
2. How come you always grab the tender part for yourself?
1. ‘Cause I outrank you, that’s why. Now stop beating your gums and sound the attack!

1. Mama, do I have sparkling sapphire eyes that dazzle too?
2. Hoo-ooh, did I say that?
3. Yes. Right off your cuff.

1. Okay, let’s charge!
2. Wait a minute, I’m the leader! I’m the one that says when we go. Here we go. Charge!

1. Shh! Listen! Sounds like a one-wheel– ooh.
2. A one-wheel what?
1. You’re not gonna believe this, but it’s a one-wheeled haystack. Hey, there it goes! Come on! After it!

1. Well, it is most important that I get back to Paris. So if you would be just so kind and show me the way.
2. Show you the way? Perish the thought! We shall fly to Paris on a magic carpet, side by side, with the stars as our guide, just we two.

1. Well, it is most important that I get back to Paris. So if you would be just so kind and show me the way. 2. Show you the way? Perish the thought! We shall fly to Paris on a magic carpet, side by side, with the stars as our guide, just we two.

1. What beautiful countryside, *******. So much like our own dear England.
2. Oh, indeed, yes. ******, if I walk much farther I’ll get flat feet.
1. *******, we were born with flat feet.

1. You know, they need– well, you know, a sort– well a sort of a– well, a father around.
2. Oh, ******, ******, that would be wonderful. Oh, darling, if, if only I could.
1. But why can’t you?
2. Because of Madame. I– I could never leave her.
1. But– but Madame is– well, she’s just another human. You’re just her house pets.
2. Oh no, no, we mean far more to her than that. Oh, sorry my dear. We just have to go home tomorrow.
1. Yeah. Well.. I guess you know best. And I’m gonna miss you, baby. Huh, and those kids. Gee, I’m gonna miss them too.
3. Well, we almost had a father.
4. Yeah. Let’s go back to bed.
1. Good night, *******.
2. Good night, ******.

Can I give you a hand sir? You haven’t got an extra foot have ya Edger? Yes sir that always makes me laugh, every time

Cats inherit first! And I come after the cats. I, me, after– no. It’s not fair! Ooh! I mean, each cat will live about 12 years. I can’t wait. And each cat has nine lives, that’s four times twelve multiplied by nine times. No it’s less than that. Anyway, it’s much longer that I’d ever live. I’ll be gone. No. Oh, no. They’ll be gone. I’ll think of a way. Why, there are a million of reasons why I should! All of them dollars. Millions. Those cats have got to go.

Come to think of it, O’Malley, you’re not a cat, you’re a rat.


I’m ready maestro

it ain’t beethoven mama, but it sure bounces!

It isn’t Beethovan but it sure bounces!

Ladies don’t start fights, but they can finish them!

Ladies don’t start fights, but they can finish them!

Me first, me first! Why should you be first? Cuz I’m a lady that’s why. (hahaha) You’re not a lady. Yeah, you’re nothin’ but a sister! I’ll show you if I’m a lady or not.

No, no, boys.. Let’s do it the proper way! First, introduction!

Now, my little pesky pets. You’re going to travel first class. In your own private compartment. All the way to Timbuktu. And this time, ha, you’ll never come back.

Oh, thank you ******! What would we ever do without you?

Oops! Oh, dear! A slip of a hand and it’s off to dreamland. I say, that’s not at all bad. ‘Slip of the hand, dreamland’.

Perhaps a magic carpet built for two?

Poor Madame, she’ll be so worried when she finds us gone.

Sail again, Napoleon

So that’s creme de la…creme de la…Edgar.

Uh-oh. Edgar did this to us.

We shall fly to Paris on a magic carpet, side by side, with the stares as our guide Just we two. Ohh the would be wonderful. Three? Four? Five!

What a terrible man!

Wow! You really do have eyes like sapphires.

You must sing your scales and your arpeggios.

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