Movie Quotes from Antwone Fisher: Quotes from the movie Antwone Fisher

Antwone: Fuck you Jason. Jason: What did you say? Antwone: You heard me. Jason: Fuck me. With all these beautiful women here. You want to fuck me!?

Antwone: Guess Who?? Cheryl: Antwone? Antwone: No, it’s Philip Walker the late night stalker

Cheryl: I’m hungry, you?Antwone: I could eat.

Denzel: Antwone this is very hard for me to say but our sessions our over Antwone: What Denzel:our sessions our over yur three sesions are up Antwone: dont do this to me all i have in this life is you everybody else left me my mom dad foster parents jessie Denzel:jessie? Antwone: stay away from me all i can hear are those fffffuckin cowbells

I could eat. (chuckles)

I think that, maybe in another life or time, I would’ve been king.

I’m still standing im still strong

I’m still standing! I’m still strong!

I’m still standing. I’m still strong.

If I woke up to the smell of grits and eggs. Or the walk was bein paved down wit a hose, I had to look out all day. But if I woke up to the smell of pancakes, everything was fine.

It don’t matter what you tried to do to me! I’m still standing!I’m still strong! And I always will be.

Miss Tate: Twone’. That hoodlum nigga Jesse came over here.He was saying something about goin to the picture show. Now that’s the devil’s work. Sides’ where’d ya get the money. Ya steal it? Antwone: Naw I already told you I been rakin lawns. Miss Tate: Well give me the money. Come on! You don’t know what to do wit no money no how. Antwone: Why you always gotta make things so dfficult? Miss Tate: Difficult, difficult. Where’d ya learn such fancy words. Antwone: Fancy, ain’t no fancy word. Miss Tate: Don’t sassy me boy! Antwone: I ain’t sassying nobody.

Mrs. Tate: I don’t know which one of you no-good, rotten, hard-headed niggas put your dirty hands on my walls. But I bet i’ll get the right one. (squeezes the towel) I took you in, when your no-account mammies threw you away and this is the thanks i get? Tsk. You ungrateful.
(Beats the boys on their backs with the wet towel). Now I know i got the right one.

Person 1: Guess Who Person 2: Antoine?? Person 1: No, this is Phillip Walker the late night stalker

We ain’t talkin bout no ones mamma. We talkin bout yo mamma

Why would I need to find a family doc., I got you.

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