Movie Quotes from Another Stakeout: Quotes from the movie Another Stakeout

-Your cover is you’re renting the judge’s house for a month of vacation.
-As what? Friends or lovers?

1. Allright, I’ll marry you! 2. (punches #1) Life’s too short.

Call 911!

Cover me! I’m taking a bath.


Gina: So when are we inviting them over for drinks?
Chris Lecce: Uh, Bill.
Bill Reimers: Yes, Chris?
Chris Lecce: Did I just hear you ask me to invite the neighbors over for drinks? The very people we are here to stake out?
Bill Reimers: Why, no Chris, I’d never think of such a thing.
Chris Lecce: Good to know Bill!

I don’t like the panties hanging on the shower rod!

I don’t think you understand the relationship a man has with his facial hair.


I think he was on page 22 of Madonna’s Sex book.

I think we should arrest him for what he’s wearing!

I’ve had this moustache for 13 years!(to lady) How long have you had yours?

If this assignment gets blown, I want to go on record right now, that this is the most stupid, dimwitted, idiotic, moronic piece of putrified garbage that I have ever in my entire professional career,
ever had the displeasure of being involved with.

It’s a hummus-side!

Love has a mind of its own.

scince when is it policy to ask the people you are staking out to dinner?

side of hummus…hummus-side!

Thats EXACTLY who i am!!!

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