Movie Quotes from Anne of Green Gables: Quotes from the movie Anne of Green Gables

1) If I were the boy you sent for, I would be able to help you and spare you in any way I could. 2) Why, I’d rather have you then a thousand boys, Anne. Just remember that. Well, now, it wasn’t a boy who took the Avery scholarship, was it? It was a girl-my girl-my girl that I’m proud of.

1) Oh, Anne, are you killed? Just look at me and tell me if you are killed. 2) No, Diana, I’m not killed, but I think I’m rendered unconcious,

1) Tell me what you know about yourself. 2) Well, it isn’t really worth telling, Mrs. Cadbury…but if you let me tell you what I imagine about myself you’ll find it a lot more interesting.

1) Tell me what you know about yourself. 2) Well, it isn’t really worth telling, Miss Cuthbert, but if you let me tell you what I imagine about myself, it would be much more interesting.

1) What is your name? 2) Would you please call me Cordelia? 1) Call you Cordelia? Is that your name? No, but please call me that. Cordelia is such a romantic name. 1) If your name isn’t Cordelia, then what is your name? 2) Anne Shirley. But please call me Cordelia. Anne is such an unromantic name.

1).Carrots. Hey carrots. Carrots!! (pulling her braid) 2). How DARE YOU!

1-Did you really crush your slate over that boy’s head 2-Yes

1. Thomas. ISn’t that Matthew Cuthbert driving that buggy? 2. Peers to be. 1. But he never goes to town this time of year and he nevers wears his suit except in church. 2. Maybe he’s going to court. 1. Don’t be so utterly ridiclous Thomas. He’s not going fast enough for a doctor. Oh my afternoon is spoiled. I won’t have a moments peace until i know what that man is up to. Marilla is simply going to have to explain all this.

Anne-The only real friend I ever really had was Katie Maurice and she was only my window friend.

Don’t be mad at me for keeps.

How dare you call me carrots! (smashes glass writing board on his head)

I thought nothing could be as bad as red hair. Green is ten times worse.

I took the brooch because I was too overcome with irresistible temptation. I was imagining I was Lady Cordelia Fitzgerald, and I just had to wear the brooch over the footbridge of the Lake of Shining Waters, with the wind blowing my auburn hair over to Camelot. I thought I could put it back before you came home, but as I leaned over to look at my reflection in the lake, it slipped from my fingers and sank beneath the rippling waves. That’s the best I can do at confessing. Now may I go to the picnic?

I was imagining I was a nun… On my way to the altar to take the vows…

I’ve always been old enough to make up my own mind.

Make a little room in your plans for romance again, Anne-Girl. All the degrees and scholarships in the world can’t make up for the lack of it.

Mrs. Lynde, I’m extremely sorry I behaved so terribly. I disgraced my good friends who’ve let me stay at Green Gables on trial, even though I’m not a boy. I am wicked and ungrateful and I deserve to be cast out forever. What you said was true, I am skinny and ugly and my hair is red. What I said about you was true too, only I shouldn’t have said it. Please, Mrs. Lynde, forgive me. You wouldn’t be so cruel as to inflict a life long sorrow on a poor orphan. Please, please forgive me.

My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes. That’s a sentence I read once and I say it over to comfort myself in these times that try the soul.

RED?! UGLY?! You’re a mean, impolite, unfeeling woman and I HATE YOU!!

Ruby Gillis says when she grows up she wants to have a line of beaus on a string and make them crazy for her, but I’d rather have one in his right mind.

The tears don’t hurt like the ache does.

There MUST be a limit to the mistakes one person can make, and when I get to the end of them, then I’ll be through with them. That’s a very comforting thought.

There she weaves by night and day, a magic web of colors gay. She has heard a wrisper say a curse is on her if she stay to down towards Camolot. She knows not what the curse may be and so she weavith steadily, the lady of Shalot

This is the most tragical thing that has ever happened to me.

Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.

True friends are always together in spirit. –Anne of Green Gables

Twenty pounds of brown sugar.

You don’t want me. You don’t want me because I’m not a boy. No body ever did want me. I knew this was all too good to be true.

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