Movie Quotes from Angus: Quotes from the movie Angus

#1. I get the worst pain in my stomach whenever I see her. #2. You get a boner in your stomach?

-I get the weirdest feeling in my stomach whenever I see her.
-You get a boner in your stomach?

-In fact, I even tried it once. But when I stuck my finger down my throat, I was still hungry and almost ate my arm.

1) Do your, ever wish you were someone else? 2) Do you know who your talkin to?

1) Hey angus you wanna play pin the tail on the donkey 2) nods his head 1) Ok, you can be the donkey.

1) Hey Angus! Wanna play some football? 2) Sure 1)Okay! You can be the field!

1) I have Troy and Troy has…. 2) Jock Itch!

1) YOU JUST DON’T KNOW HOW IT FEELS!!! 2) I don’t know how it feels? You think you’re the only person on Earth who wakes up every morning wishing they were someone else?

1)Put it in the dressing room
2)Put it on the rack
3)Put it on a dead guy and bury it!

I don’t TELL her everything.

I need my moment dammit!

I think I have to stop wanting things so much.

i’m just a fat kid who’s fair at football

I’m still here asshole!

im not gonne go to that fucking school

It’s called the Irish Swoon!

It’s plum!

its funny how you are so used to a person being there, and then one day they’re not.

Look down her shirt, she is anatomically correct!


Or ears that stick out!

Rick: I’d lend you my shirt, but I’m afraid it might rip.
Troy: That’s because it’s cheap…Like your mother.

Screw ’em!

some of us are tall, some of us are short, some have big ears…

That’s what you call a piece of the ol’ dick pie.

Wanna play football…? Ok you can be the field!


Were gonna take you from a large pathetic virgin, into a large pathetic virgin with a new look!

You broke his noes angus!

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