Movie Quotes from Angels In America: Quotes from the movie Angels In America

Georgetown’s worse. The Exorcist was in Georgetown.

H: big deal, you meet a valium addict, you guess she’s unhappy!

I usually say ‘fuck the truth,’ but mostly, the truth fucks you.

I was on the phone everyday. EVERYDAY. Doing what I do best: talking on the telephone.

In this world there is a painful progress.

P: in my church, we dont believe in mormons. H: what church do you… oh.

Stop livin by what you want. Hold to what you believe.- Hannah Pitt

Was it legal? Fuck legal! Am I a nice man? Fuck nice! They say terrible things about me in the nation? Fuck the nation! You wanna be nice or you wanna be effective? You wanna make the law or subject to it?

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Angels In America’: Quotes from the movie ‘Angels In America’

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