Movie Quotes from Andromeda Strain, The: Quotes from the movie Andromeda Strain, The

(swapping verbal codes)
1/ Howdy
2/ Howdy Doody
1/ You got the time?
2/ My watch stopped at 11.46
1/ Must be the heat

1/_Let’s stick to established procedure
2/_*Establishment* gunna fall down go boom

1/_We face quite a problem. How to dis-infect the human body, one of the dirtiest things in the known universe
2/_That is, without killing the human-being at the same time

1/_When I die, I’d like an agricultural station just like this, in Alaska
2/_You?! A sourdough!?
1/_The sourest

Do I call you Miss MedCom?

Eight seconds to spare. Hardly even exciting.

Hell of a way to run a hospital.

Let’s go back to the rocket and see it at four-forty

Let’s go back to the rocket and try it again at four-forty.

Most of them died instantly, but a few had time to go quietly nuts.

Most people here died instantly, a few had time to go quietly nuts.

Precisely, Senator. What do we do?

Sweat is a safeguard against some kinds of bacteria, and carelessness.

The day of judgment is at hand, have mercy on my soul, and to Hell with all the others, ……. amen!!!

There are five minutes to self-destruct.

[Tagline]____ In a secret undergroung laboratory, 4 scientists have 96 hours to indentify and isolate an alien virus_____PRAY THEY SUCCEED!

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