Movie Quotes from Amityville Horror, The: Quotes from the movie Amityville Horror, The

1)I just wish that all those people hadn’t died here. A guy kills his whole family? Doesn’t that bother you? 2)Sure, but houses don’t have memories.

1)If I move my office into that cottage out back, that’ll save that rent. 2)And the boathouse means I won’t have to shell outfor mooring charges, which they’re raising, by the way.

1)There’s a nice view of the river from here. 2)If you’re planning on a big family, there are three full bedrooms. 1)We already have a family. Two boys and a girl. Great kids.

1)They’re not getting too close to the river? 2)Uh-uh. 1)Sounds like a regular daddy I hear over there. 2)I might feel like one if that’s what they started calling me instead of George. Which I admit is better than that Mr. Lutz crap they were giving me.

1)Who was that on the phone? 2)Just a bunch of static, a bad connection or something. I think Ma Bell’s gone wacko again. Probably discover it was a collect call from Japan when the bill comes.

I think it’s bureaucratical bullshit!

Don’t you have any good news?!

Find the well… it’s the passage… to hell! SHUT IT!

Get out,……GET OUT!!!!!!!

I guess people have had to deal with this ever since Adam and Eve
got kicked out of the Garden. Just have to learn to live with it.

Oh and Jody, love your red eyes.

Oh and toilet, love your black slime.

These kids of yours need some god damn discipline.

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