Movie Quotes from American Tail, An: Quotes from the movie American Tail, An

1) Are we men, or are we mice? group)MICE!

1) At least you didn’t see any CATS! 2) Cat? 3) CAT! 4) Gato! 5) I didn’t see any cats.

1) Don’t worry. I like mice. (2 starts crying) 1) Oh, not like that! I’m a vegitarian.

1) Excuse me, tell me that you’re looking for a Filly Mousekowitz. Here, tell my daughter that his name is Filly and not Fievel! 2) His name is Filly… 1) There, you see? 2)…And Fievel. 1) And Fievel. and Fi…

1) Fievel, are you all right? 2) Heh heh. Yes, Mama. 1) THEN NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!

1) Hey, now. Don’t worry. There are plenty of mice in Hong Kong. 2) Ooh, I’ll have to learn how to calculate in Chineese!

1) So…there are no WHATS in America?! 2) Heh heh. Cats.

1) Tiger! How could you let him get away! 2) I don’t know! I– 1) You’re fired! 2) Good. I’m glad. I never liked you! And besides your music STINKS!

1)I’ve got a cousin in America. 2)You and everybody else!

fewine whats a fewine? you know a feewine a cat!

Herring? I thought they were fish!

My son! Now…you are a mouse!

Never say never whatever you do!

There are no cats in America

You’re not a rat, you’re a cat!

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