Movie Quotes from American Buffalo: Quotes from the movie American Buffalo

Action talks, bullshit walks!

All I’m saying is don’t confuse business with pleasure.

Fuckin’ Ruthie, fuckin’ Ruthie, fuckin’ Ruthie, fuckin’ Ruthie, fuckin’ Ruthie!

Help myself! Help myself? I should help myself to half a piece of toast it’s four slices for a quarter? I should have a nickel every time we’re over at the game I pop for coffee, cigarettes, a sweet roll! Never said a word. ‘Bobby, see who wants what.’ Huh? A fuckin’ roast beef sandwich! Am I right? Aw, shit. We’re sitting down, how many times do I pick up the check? But no, because I never go and make a big thing out of it. It’s no big thing. And flaunt like this one’s on me, like some bust-out asshole.

I go out there everyday. There is nothing out there.

If I had kept everything my old man threw out, I’d be a wealthy man today.

Loyalty is fine, but this is business.

Someone is against me, that’s their problem. I can take care of myself. I don’t gotta fuck around behind someone’s back, pray some brick safe falls and hits ’em on the head they’re walkin’ down the street. But to have that shithead turn in one breath every fuckin’ sweet roll I ever ate with them into ground glass, I’m wonderin’: were they eating it and thinking ‘this guy’s an idiot to blow a fuckin’ quarter on his friends.’ This hurts me, Don. This hurts me in a way I don’t know what the fuck to do!

The world is lies. There is no friendship.

We live like the cavemen.

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